My Specialised Therapies

mind, body and soul.

Together we work towards learning how our mind filters and interprets the external events, which then impact the way we think, behave and act.

The healing sessions will guide you en-route to improving the use of language of mind and processing the meaningful information in our conscious mind that will guide you to find your purpose in life and success you deserve.

When working with me you will develop self-help skills to process the most meaningful information in our conscious as well as unconscious minds to discover your strengths and work towards strengthening the foundation of personal development and maximising your potential.

For most effective experience, join 3 to 12 psychotherapy sessions of 60-90 minutes each.

After working with women and young people experiencing limitations due to confidence issues, old and unhealed memories and past experiences of guilt, fear or substance abuse, I’ve seen it close.

Each individual’s journey is unique.

There is no one size fits all or a prescriptive method and strategies to heal and thrive.

We push through our boundaries and go on a survival mode based on what works best for us.

Kind Words

You are the master of your journey.

You know how it works and how to create your reality.

Through these sessions you will experience the shift in perspectives, discover how neurological systems work in our minds and protect us from finding a solution to our current problems or the negative experiences.

Through simple techniques and tools, you will become resourceful and achieve specific and desired outcomes.

You can choose to join my service to begin with Kundalini services and move on to business and career development services offered through Mutual Learning OR choose to do only one.

The two step process and methods are created to help you learn the right skills and resources to heal and develop a positive mindset to thrive.

My Specialised Therapies

nlp neurolingusitic

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Neurolinguistic Therapy (NLP) is known as the study of excellence and freedom. Gaining comprehensive knowledge about how to use the language of our conscious and unconscious minds will show you how can you store and retrieve information to make choices and em“power” you and others.


matrix therapies

Matrix Therapies

Matrix Therapies is for you if you want to clear negative emotions and beliefs that are limiting your ability to move forward. Memories and experiences from the past including from past lives can impact the way you behave and react to your current situations.

Unlike in many other methods, Matrix Therapies allow you to clear the folder rather than having to visit each document and delete one at a time.


cognitive behaviour

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a form of a modern Applied Psychology that has helped coaches, mentors, therapists and mental health professionals to work on emotional difficulties, stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs. This is one of the most exceptional form of personal and career development practice that will help you realise your strengths and strategies to reach your fullest potential.


family therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy takes you through learning and understanding about the negative anchoring and unfulfilled strategies in relationships. This will give you a better understanding at why relationships tend to fail.

The process involves working with you at an individual level and also some fun-filled couple therapy sessions. You will commit as a couple to 10-12 hours therapy sessions, and additional 2 hours for each additional person in the family. This can be done over 6-12 weeks period.


grief separation coach

Grief & Separation Therapy

If you’re looking to speak with someone to discuss your buried emotional traumas from the loss of a person, or a separation in a relationship, then this is very powerful and effective therapy.

If you’re completely distraught and not functioning because there are things left unsaid and unresolved that is not allowing you to move on – this is very helpful. Most techniques are adopted from Matrix Therapies.


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