Mutual Learning Academy

Are you ready to knock your goals out of the park?

Are you sick and tired of just getting by?

Are you convinced that you have the potential to build the business of your dreams?

Are you ready to change your life for GOOD, right now?

How about some PERSONAL career advancement guidance?

I offer 6 weeks to 12 months career advancement and mentorship program.

Together we’ll map out your skills and strengths, the next steps you need to take to create the career you’ve always craved and design opportunities.

What it will look like:

  • You’ll begin to implement a high-level, problem-solving attitude
  • Your personal development will fly through the roof
  • Your employability skills will become so irresistible that success will be in the palm of your hand
  • You will use complex reasoning and thinking to challenge the status quo
  • You will establish a meaningful understanding of the talents and skills that are ALREADY available around you
  • YOU will learn to use these talents and skills to up level your career effectively and efficiently

Kind Words

You will leave the program with a feeling of:




These sessions are available through self-paced online learning, face to face, Zoom or a hybrid model.

anjana kundalini matrix coach Neurolinguistic Psychology career grief


anjana kundalini matrix coach Neurolinguistic Psychology career grief



Are you looking for someone who can do it all for you or lift the face of your business?

You’re in good hands, my friend.

The most important part:

If you want to access your or your team’s fullest potential and grow your business – YOU HAVE to understand that the power to transform your life and achieve REAL success lies within you.

You are in control of your own business and your own future.

YOU have the power to create a life and business of abundant joy and insane success.

My emPOWERment models will guide you with the right knowledge, skills, and mindset to excel by making the right choices and decisions.

Because the learning system I have designed is built on the concepts of:

→  Mutual learning principles – where learning shared between two or more individuals are encouraged, acknowledged, and documented
→  Getting the heck out of your comfort zone.

It WILL stretch you to access YOUR fullest potential.


To ensure you get the most bang for your buck when you choose to work with the Mutual Learning principles.

To make your learning process holistic, as it should be.

You will be able to:

Use the best tools to streamline your systems and processes.

Diagnose your organisation’s top priorities.

Plan out your goals and vision.

Design a strategic roadmap to design opportunities and success.

Identify the strengths of your team and the individual members.

Set an accountability framework to ensure you’re reaching your goals.

Our Key Services are:

Practical design and application of Human-Centered Design Thinking

Business Expansion Mapping

Strategic Business Roadmaps

Measurement, Evaluation, Learning for NGO Programs & Projects

Program Logic & Theory of Change

Tender & Report Writing

Leadership & Capacity Building Workshop Design & Facilitation

Training & Development




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