I’m a licensed trauma-informed Counsellor-Psychotherapist with over two decades of experience.

I specialise in Trauma-informed Therapies, Relationship & Conflict Resolution, Grief & Loss, and Family Therapy.

I’ve worked with young children born in prison; women and children escaping family violence; human trafficking survivors; young single women (unmarried, divorce, widowed, and separated); people with a disability; people experiencing or at risk of homelessness; people living with HIV/AIDS; people living or at risk of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder; people affected by pandemic and social isolation, and so much more.

Are you ready to commit, transform and evolve by designing opportunities and changing impossibilities into possibilities?

"I have worked with Anjana for several years on a number of projects. After the first time we worked together, that was it! I was insisting that she be brought back in for future projects! I found Anjana to be an ocean of calm when projects were driving me crazy. She combines meticulous attention to detail and ability to push things forward with a genuine human quality. A rare combination! I also found Anjana to be a very keen listener, with a mind as open as her heart is deep, and an energy that matches her creative insights. In Anjana you will find someone who will bring the best out in you - partly because of what she teases out of you, and partly because you find yourself wanting to be the best you can when you're working with her."
Dr. Nick Hopwood
Associate Professor (School of International Studies & Education), University of Technology Sydney
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